Whether you are simply refitting a bathroom or adding on a new addition to your house or business, our licensed electricians will work quickly and cleanly to meet your needs. We do anything from upgrading existing lighting with more efficient products to refitting entire power systems.

New Builds

     Rubenstein Electric Inc. offers you a full solution for your new build, setting up temporary power, setting up a full service installation, and even extended backup power solutions such as generators.

LED Refits

     LEDs are the best way to upgrade your home or business to longer lasting, energy efficient lighting. Whether you are looking to upgrade a bedroom lamp, warehouse fluorescents, or parking lot pole fixtures, LEDs can provide you with brighter lights that are easier on the eyes and use only a fraction of the power.
     Have a dimmer? The LED lights we install can be fitted with special dimmer switches specially designed to work with LEDs, and are an easy swap out. Feel free to call us for more information.